Wantudu has customised its software not only for accommodation but also for clients in other sectors such as retail, tourist offices, beach clubs, casinos, business centres, to name but a few.

The company can be found in 3 countries and in more than 130 facilities in hotel chains of recognised standing. Currently, agreements at an international level are being reached to improve our presence in the world’s prime tourist destinations.


Based on the hypothesis that “an effective communication channel for informing tourists and business travellers about what to do once they reach their destination does not exist,” an exhaustive six-month market research study began in June 2010 to analyse how tourists and business travellers obtained information upon arriving at their destination and what communication channels were available to primary tourism agents in order to reach them.

The market research study concluded the following: “The services offered at many destinations usually do not reach tourists, who in turn do not have access to the possibilities being offered since their primary source of information are the front desks that are frequently overstretched.”. Different alternatives for solving this problem were considered, all focused on improving tourist experiences at their destinations. As a result, at the end of 2010, it was decided that a touch screen strategically located near the front desk of leading hotels, combined with smartphone and tablet applications, could solve this problem and add value to the various agents analysed.



“The best thing that can happen to a hotel is to achieve repeat business”.



Improving guest experiences by focusing on experiential tourism and the service provided, while supporting the social and economic development of tourist destinations.



To be the main communication channel for the tourism industry.


Today, in 2016, Wantudu has the most advanced interactive communication solution in Europe in terms of strength, functionality and facilities. During this year, the challenge lying ahead for Wantudu is in growing even more at an international level and becoming the number one company in its sector.